How to Identify If the Silver Jewelry is real or not?

Silver jewelry has been made for centuries. It is both attractive and durable. There is a huge market for silver jewelry all around the world, no matter where one might live. One of the questions which buyers want to know is how they can identify if the silver jewelry is real or not.

It isn’t necessary that one would need to be a silver jewelry dealer or maker in order to be able to identify silver jewelry as just about anyone can identify it. Here are some tips which have been prepared to make it easier for you to indentify silver jewelry and if it’s real or not.

1. Check If It Has a .925 Imprint

The easiest way to identify genuine silver jewelry is by checking to see if it has a .925 imprint. Reputable jewelers love to imprint on their jewelry to provide buyers with the satisfaction that it is authentic. The stamp is usually small and might be on the underside of the bracelet or inside the silver ring. However, not all real silver would have the imprint so keep reading to find out other ways.

2. Does the Jewelry Tarnish?

A question which might provide you with the answer is if the silver jewelry tarnishes. If the silver jewelry tarnishes then it means that it is real. Fake jewelry would lose its silver polish and the ugly metal would become green and no matter how much you polish it, it would never return to its original glory.

While on the other hand, real jewelry can easily be brought back to its original color and shine by polishing it. It doesn’t matter how old the jewelry is as it will be brought back to its glory. These days, many luxury brands are adding a thick layer of platinum (rhodium) which helps ensure that the jewelry continues to shine and doesn’t tarnish.

3. Feel, Smell, Look

Not every has the time to go to the jewelry and try the tarnish test which is why you can use your senses to identify real silver jewelry from fake.

Feel: Is it not smooth? Or is it scratch and bumpy?

It shouldn’t feel like any of the above things if it is real silver. Silver on the contrary is bendable and soft to certain degree.

Smell: Does the jewelry smell unnatural? Maybe something funny or even like Sulfur?

It isn’t silver if it does. Silver does not have such a smell as it is indistinctive.

Look: Finally, take a close look at the jewelry. Does it have layers of metal? Is the color distorted or is the outside part peeling?

All of these signs indicate fake jewelry.

4. Acid Test

At the last, one of the best ways to authenticate silver is by conducting the acid test. The test needs to be taken by a local jewelry store as they know how to perform it. The jeweler will inform you if it is real or not. 

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