All You Need to Know About the 925 Sterling Silver

One of most important things which silver jewelry buyers should know about is the 925 sterling silver. It is used to authenticate genuine silver from ones which are not real. Silver jewelry designers ensure that the 925 sterling silver is used in making their products.

What is the 925 sterling silver?

Sterling silver is the most common form of silver. It is composed of 7.5 other metals and 92.5 percent pure silver. There are different materials which make up the remaining percent. However, it normally is copper. Pure silver is too costly and difficult for making large objects due to being too soft which is why sterling silver is used.

When alloying silver with any metal such as copper or others, it allows the silver to become affordable and strong enough for use. Many products have the 925 sterling silver on them. It helps ensure that it is the real thing.

How much is 925 Sterling Silver per Gram?

Although, the cost of sterling silver per gram varies from place to place, it is possible to approximate the cost. The current price of the 925 sterling silver is $0.49. The price of sterling silver per gram changes from time to time depending on the performance in the market. Normally, one can buy sterling silver per gram for under a dollar.

Advantages of the 925 Sterling Silver

There are many advantages of the 925 sterling silver due to which it has become the most used form of silver.

Highly Durable

One of main advantages of the 925 sterling silver is that it is highly durable. They can even last a lifetime if taken good care of. If sterling silver owners take great care of their pieces, they can make it look just as they had first bought for many years. Even though the 925 sterling silver might not be that affordable, it is still worth it.

Unlimited Options to Choose From

Even though silver is a soft material, the 925 sterling silver allows jewelers to mold it and turn it into different types of products for buyers. It is due to this reason that there are always new designs that are available. This means you will always find a piece that suits your style.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

The best thing about the 925 sterling silver is the fact that unlike other jewelry which irritates your skin, the sterling silver jewelry doesn’t do that as it doesn’t consist of any metal additions which cause allergic reactions.

Most people that are allergic to metals such as brass or nickel can easily wear sterling silver jewelry without having to worry about their skin reacting to it.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, one of the best reasons why the 925 sterling silver is worth buying is due to the fact that it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t wear and tear like other jewelry. One wouldn’t need to take a lot of care of it as it is made to last.

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