How to Find a Reliable Silver Jewelry Supplier from China?

China is one of the largest suppliers of silver jewelry. The industry is booming as the Chinese middle class continues to grow. Silver jewelry that is made in China is of the highest quality. Just about everyone knows about Chinese silver jewelry. It is affordable and made by some of the best silver jewelry makers in the world.

Now, if you are new to the Chinese silver jewelry market or are looking for a reliable silver jewelry supplier from China then you need to follow the below mentioned steps. There are different types of silver jewelry suppliers from China depending on what is one looking for.

Online Supplier Directories

One of the easiest ways to find a reliable silver jewelry supplier from supplier is by using online supplier directories. It is safe to find a supplier through such a route. One of the directory sites which one should use is SaleHoo.

The directory is supplier based meaning that all the suppliers are thoroughly investigated before they are added to the directory. Just about every type of supplier can be found on the director. There are easy filtered search results which can be discovered. The website is fast and will provide you information about the supplier such as their product offerings and the contact details.


It is your safest bet if you are unsure and are looking for a wide variety of silver jewelry suppliers. Simply search silver jewelry suppliers from China and you will certainly find a reliable supplier. However, make sure to browse the website and read reviews as they are a good indicator of a trusted supplier.

Attend Trade Fair / Trade Shows

When one attends a trade fair or trade show, it provides them with an opportunity to talk in person face to face with potential silver jewelry suppliers from China. There are certain things which you should ask in order to ensure that the supplier is reliable.

· The values of the company.

· The products which they offer.

· Their production capacity.

· The quality control procedures that are followed by the company.

Trade shows are a great way to develop a relationship with the silver jewelry supplier from China. There are plenty of trade fairs which are hosted every year in China and around the world such as the East China Fair and the Canton Fair. Make sure to attend one of the trade events to meet with a supplier.

Chinese Marketplaces

There are many Chinese marketplaces which are thriving and provide reliable products for an affordable price. Make sure to check out Ali Express and Ali Baba for some of the best silver jewelry suppliers.

You can read reviews about the suppliers and find out for yourself if they are reliable. Additionally, you can also contact the suppliers to figure out if they provide what you are looking for. Ali Baba offers delivery services to almost all parts of the world. So, if you ever order from them, the silver jewelry would be delivered to your footsteps.

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