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Guangzhou nina jewelry Factory is one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturer and supplier of 925 sterling silver jewelry,9K,10K,12K,14K & 18K solid gold jewels, Customized Hip Hop jewelrys and 316L stainless steel jewelry.

Our products including 9k,14k & 18k solid gold jewels,925 sterling silver necklaces,silver bracelets,Silver rings,silver engagement rings,Silver Earrings,silver toe rings,silver bangles,silver brooches and all kinds of brass hip hop jewelrys.

With excellent craftsmanship,intelligent management systems and mature QC system,we always guarantee on time delivery and high end quality jewels to our clients.

We respect customers' intellectual property and keep an absolute secret for customers' patent, copyright and designs.We aim to create a friendly relationship and reciprocal business with our clients from the world.

Welcome to contact us and visit our factory in person.


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Guangzhou Nina Jewelry Factory

Contact: Jim

Phone: +86-13527783398

Tel: +86-13527783398

Email: jim@nina-jewelry.com

Add: 3rd Floor,Juying Jewelry Building,Daluotang of Panyu District,Guangzhou,China

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